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Main items of safety operation of CNC hydraulic shearing machine

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Main items of safety operation of CNC hydraulic shearing machine:
1. The operator must undergo professional training and be certified to work. The CNC shearing machine is operated by a person and must wear labor insurance products.
2. Before starting the machine, check the environment around the machine to confirm that it is barrier-free and then turn it on. For details, please refer to the daily inspection table of the CNC shearing machine.
3. Before powering on, you must first confirm that no one is behind the machine. It is forbidden to stand on the back of the machine to work.
4. Wear gloves when lifting the plate to prevent scratching your fingers.
5. Under no circumstances should you reach fingers into the upper and lower knives, and the anti-slip block will suddenly fall off and cut off your fingers.
6. When cutting the board, do not put the board on the left end and cut it as evenly as possible.
7. After work, don't forget to cut off the power and air source and clean the waste around the machine.
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