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Linclon Machinery Profile

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Shandong Linclon Machinery Manufacturer Co., Ltd is a wholly foreign-owned machinery manufacturing enterprise. The company's main department heads are from Singapore and Malaysia and have nearly 30 years of mechanical manufacturing experience.

The company is mainly committed to the research and development and production of hydraulic shearing machine and CNC bending machine. The main components of this kind of machine tool are imported from the United States, Germany and Italy, and have the characteristics of long service life, high shear precision, simple structure, easy operation and maintenance. Compared with the same kind of products in China, the failure rate is lower, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost and improves the production efficiency. More than 90 per cent of the products are exported to the United States, Russia, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico and other countries, with an annual export amount of more than US $5 million.
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